The Wurzels EMI Australia Releases

Record releases by The Wurzels outside the UK are poorly documented as this was something managed by EMI worldwide rather than something that the group themselves were able to control - so this may be a page that will be updated and expanded as more information becomes available!

So far it appears that EMI Australia released just one single and one album (this being in vinyl and cassette format) of Wurzels material - unless you can tell us more of course!

7" Vinyl Single:

1976: The Combine Harvester b/w The Blackbird

The Wurzels' first single release in the UK was replicated in Australia, but with a different catalogue number of EMI-11156 (the UK catalogue number was retained in smaller print - EMI2450). Unlike in the UK the single was actually marked up as being in stereo.   The vinyl has the matrix EMI 2450-1 and EMI 2450-2 indicating it is the same version as the UK.

The EMI company sleeve for 1976 releases was very much the same as in the UK but referencing Australia instead of the UK.

12" Vinyl and Cassette Tape Album:

The Wurzels' only album release in Australia was the Golden Delicious LP. Released on the EMI label, as it had been in the UK, the album sleeve was very much the same as the UK version with minor changes such as location of the manufacturer
 ( Australia).
The catalogue number was EMB10391, the vinyl having the matrix NTS122A and NTS122B indicating it is the same version as the UK. The images below show the album sleeve and disc labels as issued by EMI Australia.

The album was also released on cassette by EMI, catalogue EMI TC-TMB-10391. There were no differences musically on this tape to the UK release, the packaging was essentially the same (other than the dark blue background on the case insert).

Collectors' Extras:

Rare demo version of the only 7" single released in Australia by The Wurzels.

The label is the same as the standard release with the exception of the large shaded 'A' to indicated the main track, the wording Sample Record - Not For Sale across the label and the inclusion of the intended release date REL: 5.7.76

Matrix stamped side A: EMI 2450 A-1
Matrix stamped side B: EMI 2450 B-1