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"Mendip Magic "  Cassette

This was one of only two albums released by The Wurzels solely on cassette tape (the other being IDL22) . It has no catalogue number, being privately released in 1992. It is a live recording (with no studio additions) and is comprised of 11 tracks representing the typical set-list for the group at the time of recording.

Track Listing:

  • Side 1
  • a. The Blackbird Song (Banner,Baylis,Budd)
    b. The Champion Dungspreader (Cutler) 
    c. Keep Yer 'And On Yer 'Alfpenny (Glasgow) 
    d. Combine Harvester (Brand New Key) - (Safka) 
    e. 1.Theme from Love Story (Lai) 
        2.Black and White Rag 
        3.Chitterling (Cutler)
  • Side 2
  • f. Pill Pill (Cutler)
    g. Twice Daily (Cutler) 
    h. Somerset Jigolo - inc Trad. Airs (Banner) 
    i Morning Glory (Fletcher/Flett) 
    j. I Am a Cider Drinker (una Paloma Blanca) 
       - (Bouwens) 
    k. Drink Up The Zider (Cutler)

The Album :

This album was an interesting release. It is a 11 track live recording taken from a gig in Barnstable (quite possibly at the Queen's Theatre) organised by their manager of the time Wally Dent (Wally Dent Entertainments). The date of the recording is unclear: At one point in the proceedings Pete Budd can be heard wishing everyone a prosperous 92 which would tie it down to 1991 or 1992. The release itself would have been in 1992. Present on the recording are Pete Budd, Tommy Banner, John Morgan and Dave Wintour - all of whom are shown on the cassette sleeve. The album was only sold at gigs, it was not marketed commercially. From a musical and performance point of view it is not of the best standard or quality but an interesting item to hear none the less.

The Wurzels Archives

The Cassette:

The examples below are taken from the collection of Professor Wurzel and it seems possible that other variations may be out there somewhere! Although the cassette case insert is consistently identical there are at least six variations of the cassette tape shell itself. The recording on the tapes is always consistent. Following the original release it appears that the cassette itself was reproduced several times- probably by the original company working under different company names (eg AFS Television and APR Media, both based in Taunton Somerset). The sleeve insert is consistently the same - including the copyright information. The cassette case body changes as indicated below:

The Wurzels Archives

Image 1:

The initial pressing of Mendip Magic 1992

The Wurzels Archives

Image 2:

The second pressing, most likely to have been after the group left the 'Wally Dent Entertainments' management group. Copyright on the cassette body now given as 'AFS Television, Taunton'

The Wurzels Archives

Image 3:

This pressing is identical to image 2 but on a light-cream coloured shell. Probably pressed at the same time. Copyright on the cassette body is again 'AFS Television, Taunton'

The Wurzels Archives

Image 4:

This pressing probably came after image 3 and is of a much poorer quality. Copyright on the cassette body is again 'AFS Television, Taunton'

The Wurzels Archives

Image 5:

This pressing was done using a slightly cheaper method - tape was copied and a preprinted sticker put on a blank case. This was the first copy to have copyright on the cassette body declared to be 'APR Video Taunton'

The Wurzels Archives

Image 6:

This pressing is of the same construction  to the one in Image 5 but is the first version to actually have a date on it. This was probably produced when Tommy Banner was directly managing the group himself as the copyright on the cassette body has now changed to 'T Banner'.

The Wurzels Archives

Collectors' Extras:

The insert for this cassette album in all its variations was always plain. This rare example has been autographed by Pete Budd, Tommy Banner , John Morgan and Dave Wintour.

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