The Wurzels - CD Singles

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Adge Cutler Single

I Want To Be An Eddie Stobart Driver (EP)   August 7th 1995

Combine Harvester Remix 2001 (EP)     July 30th 2001

Come On Santa! (EP)    December 16th 2001

Don't Look Back In Anger (EP) September 30th 2002

Make Hay Not War   March 17th 2003

Ferry To Glastonbury (EP)   June 2004

Remember Me / I Am A Cider Drinker   December 12th 2005

 I Am A Cider Drinker / Ferry To Glastonbury    April 23rd 2007

One For The Bristol City / Drink Up Thy Zider   September 24th 2007

Ode To Adge    November 30th 2009

Ruby     June 21st 2010

Sleigh Ride / White Christmas December 5th 2011

Adge Cutler Single

Happy Xmas (War Is Over)  December 1st 2013

The Mendip Wind Farm song May 11th 2014

Old Rosie   June 30th 2017