The Wurzels

"The Wurzels Live" CD

This was the first album of new material produced by The Wurzels on the CD format. It was a private release in 2002 (alongside a video) by APR Media Centre reference number 07000 10 20 30.

The Band Line-Up:

Band line-up for this release was Tommy Banner (accordion, piano, vocals), Pete Budd (banjo, guitar, lead vocals), John Morgan (drums) and Dave Wintour (bass). Dave Wintour left the band shortly after this CD was recorded.

Track Listing:

  •  1. Introduction
    2. The Blackbird (Banner/Baylis/Budd)
    3. The Champion Dungspreader (A Cutler)
    4. I Wish I Was Back On The Farm
        (R MacDougal)
    5. Twice Daily (A Cutler)
    6. The Combine Harvester (Brand New Key)
        (Melanie Safka)
    7. Somerset Jigolo (Banner)
  • 8. The Wurzel Rock (David Rookfield)
    9. All Over Mendip (A Cutler)
    10. Morning Glory (Fletcher/Flett)
    11. Malt 'n' Barley Blues (McGuiness)
    12. Drink up Thy Zider (A Cutler)
    13. I Am A Cider Drinker(H Bouwens)

The CD Album:

The Wurzels Live is as the name suggests taken from a live gig by The Wurzels. It took place at the Conygre Hall, Timsbury  on the 2nd June 2002 at 8.30 p.m. The CD is slightly edited down from the video but both contain the same tracks. It is the only full  Wurzels  show that has been released for commercial sale. The case insert is a single piece of glossy-paper with the track listing and images of the band taken from the video. No further information is given.

Collectors' Extras:

A signed case insert is always a good addition to a collection. Two examples here have a dedication from Pete Budd and Tommy Banner on the insert artwork; the second is autographed by Tommy Banner, Pete Budd, John Morgan and Jai Howe. Jai had joined the band around the time of the release of this CD.