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The Wurzels - Collaboration Singles

Over the years there were a handful of occasions when one, or more, of The Wurzels collaborated with others on a recording. So far these have always been single track singles. These are relatively rare and highly collectible despite the fact that they are not 'official' Wurzel releases.

The Wurzels Archives

Crisis At Christmas 7" 45rpm Vinyl Single:
Released December 1987

A collaboration record with many local west country musicians including Wurzels Tommy Banner & Mike Gwilliam. Released on a private record Jonathan Recordings, catalogue number J003, with the support of the Bristol Evening Post and the Western Daily Press.

The Wurzels Archives

Feed The Wurzels - The Wurzels vs. Bush & Troy
CD Released 15th December 2004

The local Bristol radio station GWR FM did their traditional Christmas parody song again in 2004. This time they embarked upon a remake of the 'Live Aid' song 'Feed The World' to raise money for local charities. It was made available by download from the Bristol GWR FM website, as well as being sold at various local record stores. The song was produced by GWR FM Morning Crew presenters Andy Bush and Paris Troy and featured vocals from local celebrities such as Richard Angwin (BBC weatherman), Cathy Barr, Tony Robinson and Fred Wedlock - and Wurzels Tommy Banner and Pete Budd.

The Wurzels Archives

For collectors this example is interesting as it was autographed by some of the participants the day after release day.

The Wurzels Archives

Peter Crouch In Lederhosen
The Wurzels v. Bush & Troy 
 CD: Released 17th June 2006

Local Bristolian radio station GWR FM Morning Crew presenters Andy Bush and Paris Troy jumped on the bandwagon to record a World Cup song to coincide with England's attempt to win the 2006 World Cup. All profits from the sale of the CD single and the accompanying internet download - featuring Bush & Troy, The Wurzels, Clifton Girl's Choir and the Colston Collegiate brass band - went to the charity 'Bristol Kidz'. 

The Wurzels Archives

Last Christmas - Bush & Troy featuring The Wurzels
CD: Released December 2008

GWR FM DJs Bush and Troy's 4th Christmas charity single - this time a parody of Wham's 'Last Christmas' which features Wurzels Pete Budd and Tommy Banner on vocals along with the radio show's 'Spidey Man', Bristol City's Lewis Carey and Bristol Rover's Stevie Phillips amongst others.

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