The Wurzels

"Sunny Weston-Super-Mare" & "All Fall Down"
Cassette Single

This was the first of only two cassette tape singles released by The Wurzels. It was a private release by the group, with no catalogue number, between 1986 and 1988.

The Band Line-Up:

At the time of the recording of this single The Wurzels consisted of Tommy Banner, Pete Budd, John Morgan and Mike Gwilliam.

The Cassette :

The two tracks were Sunny Weston-Super-Mare (identical to the 1988 vinyl single release) and a new recording of All Fall Down (quite different from the vinyl single release).

The example below is taken from the collection of Professor Wurzel and represents what a collector should expect to find. The information on the cassette shell is minimal, giving no indication as to the date of release or who actually released it.

Cassette Insert:

The cassette insert, shown below, is of a double-sided glossy printed card design.