The Wurzels EMI South African Releases

Record releases by The Wurzels outside the UK are poorly documented as this was something managed by EMI worldwide rather than something that the group themselves were able to control - so this may be a page that will be updated and expanded as more information becomes available!

So far it appears that two Wurzel records were released in South Africa - unless you can tell us more of course!

7" Vinyl Single:

1976:    The Combine Harvester b/w The Blackbird

The Wurzels' first South African release - the 7" single The Combine Harvester b/w The Blackbird. It was issued on EMI South Africa catalogue number EMIJ 4120. The release is identical to the 1976 UK version. Thanks to Michael Pelling for supplying this item.

7" Vinyl Single:

1980    I Hate JR / I Love JR

The Wurzels' second South African release was the 7" single I Hate JR / I Love JR . It was issued on the Pye Record Label by license to 'Teal Records' with catalogue number PYS11668 (and a catalogue sub-number in the JM series, the same as the UK release on the John Miles label the same year). Teal Records was a South African Record company that manufactured and distributed records in South Africa, based in Johannesburg. The recording is identical to the UK release although the matrix marks are different namely PYS 11668A DD and PYS 11668B DD.