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The Wurzels' Commercial Adverts and Information Films

Since Adge founded his band back in 1966 The Wurzels have produced several adverts and 'information' films for both TV and radio. Unfortunately over the years many have been lost - such as the TV advert for 'Brains' faggots (see the single 'Faggots Is The Stuff') . If YOU have copies of any 'lost' items  then please do get in touch!

This page brings together in one place links to a few of the surviving Wurzels TV adverts and information films.

Weetabix - TV advert

This 1977 advert was commissioned by a commercial TV channel and featured The Wurzels extolling the benefits of Weetabix as a breakfast cereal! It has a running time of 30 seconds.

It's not currently clear who wrote the words and music but it features Pete Budd, Tommy Banner and Tony Baylis

Many thanks to Peter May for tracking down this rare item for us!

'Farm Safety is the Key'
 - safety information film

This farm-safety film is a remake of The Wurzels 1976 hit 'Combine Harvester' and was released on 16 Feb 2015 as part of the Yellow Wellies 'Take the Farm Safety pledge' campaign. 

The Wurzels have donated their time and incredible talent to work with us on rerecording their classic ‘Combine Harvester’, in partnership with the fabulous students from Warwickshire College’s Moreton Morrell campus. As well a fun sing-along, the song is also a reminder of the importance of not taking your safety for granted on the farm. After all, who would fill your boots if something was to happen to you? 

Ambrosia Creamed Rice - TV advert

Ambrosia are renowned for their television adverts, having produced dozens over the last 40 years. This one, with lead vocals by Pete Budd, dates from the early 1980s and is a parody on the 1979 hit 'Go West' recorded by the US disco group 'Village People'.

The Wurzels later recorded 'Go West' as a relatively straight cover of the Village People's version on their 2010 CD 'A Load More Bullocks'.

Ambrosia Creamed Rice - TV advert

This TV advert was produced soon after the one above and is again a parody of a 'Village People' hit - this one being 'In The Navy' released in 1979, with the strapline now being 'In The Country'. The Wurzels have never done a full recording of this song.

This is unfortunately a poor copy of this advert. If YOU have a quality copy then please do get in touch!

St Ivel Clotted Cream - TV Advert

St Ivels were an old established west country company - so who else would they choose for a new advert ?- The Wurzels of course!

 Filmed in the late 1970s this short ditty is performed by Pete Budd, Tommy Banner and Tony Baylis and is here courtesy of the Huntley Film Archives.

Avon Windows - TV advert

Early 1990's Avon Windows TV advertisement featuring Pete Budd, Tommy Banner & John Morgan - The Wurzels.

This is believed to be one of three or four such adverts for Avon Windows  - if YOU have copies of the others please get in touch!

'Combi Boilers' - Local radio advert

Version 1 of an advert recorded for a local radio station promoting the installation of combi-boilers. The date of this advert is unclear but is quite probably around the early 1990's. Relatively short, the tune and words were based on the 1976 hit 'Combine Harvester' with lead vocals by Pete Budd.

......Version 2 with slightly different lyrics!

......Version 3 with different lyrics again!

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